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Dj Set

Our DJ’s will find the right vibe for the aperitif, dinner and after dinner of your wedding! Lounge
Dj Vocals & Percussion - This eclectic band can play as an acoustic trio for the aperitif (vocals, guitar and percussions) and as a Dj trio after dinner (DJ, vocals and percussions), with a mix of blasting songs! Fun will be the true protagonist!
Dj & Sax - This eclectic duo of dj and sax can play lounge, chill out, deep house, tech minimal, and techno and saxophone music. Improvisation is the essence of this unpredictable show that will keep you non-stop moving.
DJ Max - The music played by DJ Max will perfectly frame every moment of your wedding day, going from chill out to lounge, from jazz to 90s’ revival, from house to dance music. Every moment will be complemented and even defined by the ideal music atmosphere.
DJ Dave - Music contributes to creating the perfect atmosphere and when the sound is especially tailored for each special event, it makes it unique and even more memorable. A music designer can find and put together the most glamorous songs to meet these expectations; a proper AudioIdentity is therefore created for you.
DJ Alex - This is the perfect solution to make your event special, original and personalised. Dj Alex creates unforgivable and exciting parties that astound guests.
the music for your event
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