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Tribute Bands
We have selected the best tribute bands for all those nostalgic of Queen, Michael Jackson, Elvis
Pop Stars - A tribute to all the icons of pop and dance music from the ‘80s until now. On stage, hits by Madonna, Abba, Gala, Eurythmics, Britney Spears, Cindy Lauper, Spice Girls, Aqua, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, SIA, Dua Lipa, Alan Walker, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Shakira, Gery Halliwell, Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera and many more are wrapped in an unprecedented, 120-mins show that will make you sing and dance. Two singers along with one or two acrobatic dancers or video dancers will take you through an unprecedented show. During the show you will see more than 20 outfit changes, synchronised videos and special effects.
Music History - This project is an absolute first in the Italian scene: it is the first Multi Tribute Act. It is an homage to the biggest pop and rock stars of all time: Elvis Presley, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Freddie Mercury, Prince, George Michael, Rod Stewart, Riki Martin, Will Smith, M.C. Hammer, Jamiroquai, Justin Timberlake and many more, including contemporary artists like the unmatched Bruno Mars. The thrilling song list will make you sing and dance for more than 2 hours with an unprecedented show; the frontman impersonates stars of pop and rock music and changes into more than 15 outfits.
Michael Jackson - This incredible project mixes visual and songs of the unforgettable King of Pop. It is meant to be a proper homage to the quintessential icon of modern music. The amazingly talented frontman is able to recreate the emotions and the magic of the one and only Michael Jackson, moving through songs and choreographies meticulously prepared. He is an incredibly versatile artist with a solid, Europe touring experience as an impersonator. This breathtaking show is supported by the presence of professional dancers.
Queen - The goal is to relive the legendary songs by the British band led by the icon, Freddie Mercury. Scenography and costumes look back, and highlight the spectacularity and music intensity of the most popular band worldwide.
Elvis Presley - The Elvis Presley impersonator has been active since 2012 and has achieved the highest number of shows since 2017. Get in touch for private parties and live shows.
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